About Aadhira

Welcome to ACC Anthology. Don’t let our name through you off. ACC Anthology stands for Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo Anthology. It is an amazing compilation of short stories by the upcoming authors in the Science Fiction genre. Most of these stories reflect the chaos and revolutionary societies of the future where materialism and science have embedded to each other. We at ACC Anthology have devoted ourselves to bringing you the very best of the genre to ensure that you never lack reading material at any point in time.

Book Reviews
We also have well-written book reviews of the latest books in the science fiction. These reviews are written after a careful analysis of the prose, thereby giving you an actual idea of what to expect if you are considering giving it a read. We also have a special section devoted to reviews of older science fiction books like those by Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and so on. These authors are the reason why science fiction has cornered such a huge fan following today.

Tips for Writing Science Fiction Short Stories
We at ACC Anthology encourage new writers to try their hand at science fiction by guiding them with plenty of tips. Our experience in collecting and writing short stories has given us exposure to a whole new world that we are interested in sharing with the next generation. We also have guest posts by renowned authors in the Science Fiction genre to encourage our writers to work harder and achieve success in this lucrative field.

The ACC Anthology collection is made up of fictional accounts that have been written by authors and posted on different websites and newsgroups. These stories are published here with the permission of the authors in an attempt to offer them to a wider reading audience. Once you are done reading a short story at ACC Anthology, you will not look at science fiction the same way ever again. Our stories are filled with twists and turns that will warp your mind and blow you right out of the water. So if you are looking for a short read that will leave you drenched in satisfaction, you have come to the right place!

Our staff at AC Anthology scours through the deep dark net looking for hidden gems and deliver them right to your desktop. As you indulge in these amazing stories, you will fall in love with the science fiction genre and may never even pick up another book again!