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‘Books’ that majorly stores wisdom cum knowledge. Reading books keeps the mind clear with broadening the thought process. Reading of books adds as a pleasure. They are considered as Man’s best friend. Books are informative as well as instructive. A person is never going to feel alone in the presence of books. In the company of books, a person is never going to feel the boredom of daily routine if he has nothing else to do. Books have many wonders in it and they make a person absorbed in their interesting content.

ACC Anthology stands for Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo Anthology. It is an amazing compilation of short stories by the upcoming authors in the Science Fiction genre. Most of these stories reflect the chaos and revolutionary societies of the future where materialism and science have embedded to each other ACC Anthology have devoted ourselves to bringing you the very best of the genre to ensure that you never lack reading material at any point in time.

ACC Anthology also have well-written book reviews of the latest books in the science fiction. These reviews are written after a careful analysis of the prose, thereby giving you an actual idea of what to expect if you are considering giving it a read. We also have a special section devoted to reviews of older science fiction books like those by Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and so on. These authors are the reason why science fiction has cornered such a huge fan following today.

This Site offers useful technical information of ACC Anthology along with answers to all your relevant questions. Keep visiting this website for website links to know more about Science Fiction Books. This site contains information on the latest Science Fiction Books and Write ups. .It also contains the events organised by ACC Anthology regarding writing and speaking techniques. Visit us to engross yourself in the world of books.