About Us

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Is it science fiction that informed the world of technology, or is it vice versa? The answer to this question will ever remain a mystery no matter to what ends we may explore space. What we can answer is the all things related to science fiction and its natural extension: the universe. 

ACC Anthology was born out of the need to read every book on science fiction, which could only be done if you knew about every book written in the field. This started the search for all the authors who had ever penned a novel in the genre. It ended up with a library of information that begged to be shared. 

Today, ACC Anthology gives a reader information on:

  •   Books on science fiction that are a must read or popular
  •   How science fiction has inspired medical devices
  •   How SF has interpreted our understanding of AI and robots
  •   Is present technology turning Science fiction into reality
  •   And much, much more.

Anyone who has read science fiction has touched upon the topic of time travel and the deeper space at least briefly. Since not all of us are born physicists, ACC anthology also delves into:

  •   Facts about time travel.
  •   What is the current space exploration scenario?
  •   Everything you need to know about black holes.

These three topics we cover with a singular goal: to give all you science fiction lovers a deeper understanding of the concepts that often from the basis of these books. Believe us, once you get the gist of time travel, black holes, and space exploration, each science fiction book will be a new wonder on its own!

We bid adios with one last message. More than anything, we built ACC Anthology to be a haven where every person can be immersed in an enjoyable experience. Let it be so for you!