One Benefit And One Drawback Of Space Exploration Everyone Must Know

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July 12, 2019
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If you ask the average layman what they think of space exploration, their answer will be abstract. Even though a lot of work on space directly impacts humans, we don’t understand or recognize it. To that end, we give you one pro and one con of space exploration to show how much it impacts us.

  • It fosters a sense of cooperation and one world.

For the most, we live in our cities, states, and nation. These boundaries, while necessary for governance, have created feelings of divisiveness. Space exploration is one avenue where various nations come together and work as one. A spirit of cooperation is generated between even fighting countries when they see what teamwork has achieved. For example, the operation of the International Space Station is taken in tandem. The human race works together to fund the many research projects taking place on the ISS. As one of the astronauts once send when your see outwards, beyond our planet, these everyday issues between people disappear. We start working for the common good of all.

  • It is a significant contributor to pollution.

Nothing in this world is all good. For every good, an action brings, there will be a negative. The same logic applies to space exploration. Every time a rocket is launched, we utilize tons of fossil fuel meaning we pollute the world to a great extent. A heavy payload model can consume half-million gallons of fossil fuels for the entire flight. In pollution terms, 4 million pounds of carbon is added to the air! Even a light payload demands fuel worth around $300,000. The pollution is not limited to our atmosphere; the debris rockets and satellite leave on the outer orbit of the earth is another issue.

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