Blackholes- Things You Need to Know

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The existence of black holes has been proven beyond doubt, but very few things about them are known. If you aspire to become an astronomer, then studying blackholes can prove to be exceedingly impressive. The reality is that the characteristics and properties are extraordinary, and finding out the finer details about them is not possible without substantial advancement in the existing technology.

The mass of black holes

Measuring the mass of black holes is something that can be done with relative ease. The gravitational pull of these celestial bodies is the best way to assess this property. You need to bear in mind that the velocity of their rotation is the key factor in calculating their mass. So, if the strength of gravity and the rotational speed of a black hole is known, then you can find out its mass using the relevant formulas. 

The role of nearby celestial bodies

Blackholes can pull all the physical material that comes within the grasp of their gravitational field. So, if there is an exceptionally powerful blackhole without any celestial bodies in its vicinity, then it would not be possible to ascertain its mass at any point. However, black holes with a relatively lower gravitational pull are ideal for mass calculation because there might be a few stars or other celestial bodies near it. 

Time travel may not always remain a myth

A lot of people do not know that black holes can create distortions in the flow of time. The passage of time for someone inside the black hole will be remarkably different from a person outside it. Scientists have stated with conviction that black holes can be used to travel forward in time if technology ever advances to a state where it can utilize black holes. Going ahead by hundreds of years can be made possible, but traveling back in time cannot be accomplished with the help of black holes.

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