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Most people frame a meaning when they come across the word black hole. It is an empty space with strong gravity. The matter after being squeezed into a small space becomes a black hole. It mostly happens when the stars are expiring. People cannot see the black holes and no light can escape out. They are invisible. The black holes can be seen with special tools or space telescopes. With the help of special tools, you can find how the stars near the black hole differently than the other stars. 

What is the size of black holes? It can be small or big. Scientists believe that the smallest black hole will be equal to the size of the atom. The black holes which are tiny hold the physique of a huge mountain. Physique or mass means the amount of stuff or matter in an object. 

Stellar is another well-known type of black hole. The mass of the stellar is said to be 20 times higher than the Sun’s mass. 

There are possibilities for many stellar black holes to remain in the galaxy of the Earth. The Milky Way is the galaxy of the Earth. 

The term supermassive is given to the largest black holes. Such black holes consist of masses which are higher than 1 billion sun altogether. Researchers and scientists have found a proof that all large galaxy consists of a huge or supermassive black hole mostly at the middle. 

Sagittarius A is the supermassive or large black hole found at the middle of the galaxy- Milky Way. 

How black holes are formed?

Scientists believe that black holes are developed during the period the universe started. Stellar black holes were developed when large stars fall within itself or collapse. Following this, it results in a supernova.  A high energy light is created or developed when the star and a black hole are close together.   

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