Interesting Information About Black Holes

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It is impossible to see black holes directly. Even scientists cannot see the black hole by using any instrument or equipment. They have gathered information about black holes by analyzing the effects they cause on the nearby environment. 

There is also a huge black hole on Milky Way galaxy. Astronomers have discovered a supermassive huge black hole situated in the central region of our galaxy. As per the European Space Agency, the supermassive black hole is said to be four million times huge than our Sun. We do not have any danger since Earth is located billions of light years far from it. 

The death of huge stars results in the development of black holes. When the star expires, it begins to compress within its gravitational force and ultimately falls into an area of infinite mass without any volume. 

Black holes do not just suck things within them. Most people believe that black holes suck everything but it is not true. They do not suck everything around them. Black holes are like other objects in the space. It has a strong gravitational field. 

Black holes develop sufficient amounts of energy. They can develop more energy than other objects in space. The black holes orbit quickly converting 10% of their frame into energy. 

Black holes shrink and eventually disappear over time. Stephen Hawking proved through his theories that black hole emits high energy particles in 1974. The process can result in shrinking of the black hole over time and eventually vanish completely. But still, the process takes place very slowly. The evaporation process of the black hole which is equivalent to the sun would take around 10^67 years.

If a star reaches near the black hole, then it will also be torn apart. When a star goes near the black hole, it will not stand but the black hole rips it apart. 

Scientists from all parts of the world are researching and exploring about this mesmerizing phenomenon. 

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