What Exploring The Deep Space Bring To Our Plate?

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The universe is a vast, vast space majority of which we have neither seen, heard, or touched. Neither will we be able to do it in the near future. The question then is what does the effort of exploring deep space brings to our plate? The answer is long and diverse. Here, we explain only three parts of it.

  • The question of are we the only living creatures in the entire multiverse has plagued humankind for decades.  Deep space exploration can put to rest the possibility of extraterrestrial life once and for all. The day when we discover intelligent alien life that is fully-formed might be far, but scientists have already made some neat discoveries. For instance, the presence of an old freshwater lake on Mars combined with detection of methane point to the fact that alien life may have thrived on the planet.
  • Yes, exploring the orbit around the earth gives a thrill of discoveries, but when we move beyond our realm, we get valuable lessons. For example, by exploring Mars, we are able to judge how similar Earth is to the red planet. Already, scientists have found common features among the two planets. Studying Mars more can give us an idea of what geological evolution will do to our world.
  • Even though we have come far from the days when people believed that the earth was the centre of the solar system, some big questions are still unanswered. We still have no idea what the solar system looked like right after the Big Bang. The early days of our universe are a blank to us. The deep space probes we are sending to the outer extents of the solar system hope to give us a speck of information on the same.

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