Do black holes produce sound?

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Black holes are particular points seen in space. It consists of powerful gravity that pulls anything it comes across and does not let to move out. Do you know black holes produce sound? Yes! A team of astronomers has found black holes also produce noise and it was confirmed through research in 2003. They used Chandra X-ray observatory of NASA and detected sound waves developed from the giant black hole. It was positioned 250 million light years away from Earth.  The deepest ever noticed from any heavenly body is the note. 

When it pulls something within, the event horizon of black hole supercharges the particle near the light’s speed, thereby producing sound. The telescopes that are exclusively used for space research purposes captured sound waves which have previously traveled billions of light years from the source. However, sound cannot travel in the vacuum. How it is possible to hear the sounds of black holes? It is important to know that the outer area is not completely empty. They hold numerous hydrogen atoms and other gases per cubic meter. Thus, it acts as a medium for producing low-frequency sound waves. 

Black holes distort time and space!

 It is mainly because of the extreme gravitational influence. As per to the theory of relativity, the nearer you move to the black hole, the gentler the time runs. 

The boundary surrounding the black hole is the event horizon. It is the area where every substance even light loses its power to escape. At this point, the gravitational force remains constant. The frame dragging is a strange effect caused due to the development of a spinning black hole. At the moment of this effect, time and space near the black hole are dragged along with it. 

Space grinds so severely which it becomes hard or impossible to travel in the conflicting direction. It can be explained as infinite reversion of distortions where there will not be any way to progress forward. 

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