Impact of Space Explorations on Biodiversity Awareness

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Image Showing artificial biosphere area

The relationship between space exploration and preservation of biodiversity may be complex, but it is interdependent. When images of the Earth were clicked from space, humanity was able to understand the extent to which things have changed with regards to forest cover on the surface of the Earth. And the relationship between forest cover and biodiversity is not a secret in any way. 

What are the significant steps?

Countries of the world agreed to increase protected water and land areas. It was expected that 17 percent of the total land area would be protected, whereas 10 percent of the total water surface would be conserved. These goals were supposed to be achieved by 2020, but the current state of affairs does not show substantial results.

The revelations were startling

The difference between the imagery clicked by Apollo 17 and Voyager’s pictures are enough to show that undesired changes are taking place with regards to biodiversity preservation. Planetary scientists across the globe understand the importance of creating an alternate biosphere to preserve biodiversity and human life on the planet. 

Can an artificial biosphere be created?

Cordoning vast stretches of land and water to preserve it is similar to the concept of creation of an artificial biosphere. Some experiments aimed at creation of an alternate scenario have already been attempted, but they have not been successful. This experiment was conducted in the Arizona Desert, and it was meant to last for a couple of years. 

The results were not encouraging

Eight scientists and 3800 species of plant and animal life were left in the Arizona Desert to create a miniature version of the existing biosphere. You will be surprised to find out that 40 species became extinct in the new biosphere before two years. So, the creation of an alternate ecosystem which can exist and thrive by itself is no mean feat.

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