Web-Design Elements That Are Better Forgotten

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The clean, eye-catching web designs we see these days were not born in a single day. It took years of trial and error to get us here. The evolution of web-design is studded with some very horrible trends. Trends that we are thankful to have been forgotten. In this article, we don’t bring design elements that should be incorporated into your websites. We talk about some design styles that should forever remain in their graves.

  • When the world wide web was just a baby, Iframes were a big thing. These nifty little things allowed a page to be broken into many frames. Each frame would then display a different URL. What was the use of that? It allowed you to pull a web page of an external site to your website. Needless to say, they were not pretty.
  • Hit counters were big at one point. A tool for data-collection for the webmaster, the counter supposedly told how many people had visited the page. Why supposedly, because refreshing the page added a 1 to the counter which inflated the numbers.
  • There was a time when images were converted into a button. This was done by building a PNG button and then adding a 3D effect to it with Photoshop. Believe us; they were nothing to write home about. Web designers were never as happy as the day CSS3 made it simple to build pretty buttons saying adios to image-as-buttons.

A scrolling marquee is a common sight on TV, especially when there is breaking news. Did you know that it was a significant trend when the 21st century was just beginning? When you’d open the internet, you would see words moving from right to left. Fortunately, the idea got so much criticism that it was nixed.

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