The Two Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2019

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The year that went by was an exciting one for web designs. Advancements in technology helped push the boundaries of style and connect with the user better. It created a design that focused on documentation and accessibility, creating a more consistent web. So, how does the past year impact this one? What are the web-designing trends that will dominate 2019?

  • The minimalistic approach of flat web-design will feature heavily this year. This style of design utilises:

o   Clean and open spaces

o   Bright shades

o   2-dimensional illustrations

It started like any other design but has grown to be very popular because of the need to load sites faster. A fast loading site offers the user a better experience, be it on desktop or movie. The enjoyable experience made flat design the go-to option. Since the model relies on simple illustrations, there is no data to weigh it down, which leads to quicker loading.

Moreover, the design got rid of clutter from websites, which made it more straightforward for users to navigate through it. The lack of superfluous parts kept the attention of the user on essential segments.

  • The user of today wants instant gratification. They want access to the information they want right there and right now. It has created a conundrum for businesses. The window they have to capture the attention of a user is minute. Animated GIFs are the one way to get the focus of a user within this small time period. Therefore, GIFs are the second web design trend that will stay in 2019.

In a fraction of a second, GIFs can illustrate even complex ideas which make them ideal for websites. Plus, they are engaging and work on every gadget!

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