How Has Science Fiction Interpreted Robot And AI?

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How Has Science Fiction Interpreted Robot And AI?

Cobots Replacing Robots – Advanced Technological Innovations! 

There were some science fictional stories and even some old films which came up with the theme of robots. These fiction themes have been transformed into real-time facts in recent years. Today, robots can do the jobs that human beings can do. Some robots can perform household chores whereas some robots used for industrial purposes. They make the job easy, and reduce the need for labor.

Artificial intelligence is another technology where machines are used to think and reason similar to humans. Today cobots are the latest technological innovations that have replaced robots. There are several science fictional stories with a plot of AI. Science fiction is a valuable resource to the world of science as it is the main inspiration for most of the latest technological inventions. Here you can learn about some of the science fiction that matches up with the current reality.

A GelSight sensor attached to a robot's gripper enables the robot to determine precisely where itRobots On Screens

The first robot hit the big screen in the year 1927 in the film named Metropolis. It was a female robot which looked similar to humans. This robot helped to fight from the evil. Today there are several female robots build which works based on artificial intelligence. It is true that one cannot bring in humanity into robots. In the year 1970, a film called The Star Wars came up with cute robots. The movie Wall-E hit the screens in the year 2008, which featured a small robot that was used for the purpose of garbage collection. This robotic character was built with emotions, and thus, it can be related to humans.

  • The robot featured in the film Star Trek: The Next Generation performed just like a human.
  • The Battlestar Galactica of the 21st century came up with Cyclones that looked similar to the human race.

Some of the fictional robots that were featured in the stories and films looked cuddly. Some of the robots of science fiction stories stole the hearts of the people. But now you can have a look at the most powerful robots performing tasks; even humans cannot do. These are programmed devices which does a specific job based on the instructions of humans.

History Of AI And Robots

The concept of Artificial Intelligence and Robots was evident several centuries back in science fictions and feature films. But in reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other related terms entered the world of science only in the year 1950. In the year 1966, the Stanford Research Institute came up with the first ever reasoning robot called the electronic person. This robot was named as Shaky, which can move around on wheels and monitor the surrounding with his eyes. This is a historic achievement as the science fiction stories of the past have turned into reality.

Robots Of Current Era

A robot is not stuff that you might think that are featured in science fiction. It is nothing but factory made with complex circuits and processors. It helps people for easy access to information and can control home devices effectively. Some robots can find hidden patterns in data, beat humans in chess games, and also outperform humansRobots Of Current Era in reasoning skills. It is true that robots cannot replicate humans in all aspects. Robots struggle in certain aspects like sensorimotor skills, attention, perception, coordination, and social interaction. Check out how AI is used in today’s robots.

AI And Robots Lack Morality

In the year 2004, there was a story published called the I. Robot in which car crash was depicted. Two cars crashed and ended up in a river. A robot can save only one person, and it has to choose between a detective and a small girl. The robot ended up in saving the detective as the percentage of survival is more compared to the girl. Thus this scene is a clear proof of the lack of humanity with AI and robots. This was predicted early in the 21st century, and it is still not possible to build robots with humanity and other human nature.

The above article offers a clear overview of the interpretation of science fiction and robots.

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