Time Travel- Let Your Imagination Fly High

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June 15, 2019
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June 16, 2019
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Many of you might have read sci-fi books or watched movies that portray storylines using time travel. Avengers Endgame is the latest big budgeted superhero thriller that has joined the trend. But the question above all others is ‘Is time travel possible?’ Well, it is safe to say that so far, no scientific evidence exists to show that an individual or a group has been able to do it. 

Science does not discard the idea

Some scientific theories have caused physicists to put forward the concept of time travel as a probability. Einstein’s theory of general relatively lays down some postulates which indicate the existence of wormholes, which can provide the conditions necessary for time travel.

The strong gravitational forces around black holes

Some scientists have theorized that time travel can take place if an object can get around a black hole without succumbing to the gravitational pull around it. It has never been tried, but if a spaceship can revolve around a black hole, then it would lead to an increase in the pace of time. So, a substantial number of earth-years would pass in a limited time around it. In such a situation, the people present in the spaceship would theoretically be able to travel ahead of time.

Cosmic strings and their properties

It has been opined that time travel can be converted into reality with cosmic strings. It is perceived that simultaneously running cosmic strips will have the ability to bend the rules of time and space. This aberration in the time-space continuum can serve as a theoretical base for time travel.

Building a time machine

For an operational time-machine, theoretically, matter with energy density in the negative values will be essential. However, such substances do not exist, and creating them artificially has not yet been attempted. A matter that can travel faster than light may also be used.

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