Is Time Travel Possible?

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Well, scientists of worth can continue debating about the probability of time travel, but you can understand some of the theories and ideas that gave birth to this notion. You will have to keep in mind that the entire universe is moving at a specific speed. This pace is similar to the speed of light. And for time travel to be real, you need an object that can move faster than light. Saying something like this is pretty simple, but creating such a substance is next to impossible.

Traveling in the future or the past

Traveling into the past or going into the future against the natural flow of time will require different techniques. You can’t go back in time unless you can locate a wormhole and then use it to move back into time. The fact is that wormholes may not, but as per the Theory of General Relativity propounded by Einstein, there is a slight chance that these substances exist. But using them for traveling against the flow of time will never be easy.

Has it been done?

It is a well-accepted fact that no person has been able to travel against the flow of time. But it would be wrong to say that something like this can’t be achieved in the future. After all, humanity is limited by technology, but their imagination is limitless. Numerous devices and machines that exist today were considered impossible centuries back. So, when substantial inventions are made in the times to follow, then the concepts of the theory of relativity can be used to make it happen. 

It may not happen today or tomorrow, but the future holds unimaginable possibilities and time travel might be one of them. So, if you want to go back into the past, then waiting for future events will be your best bet. 

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