Is John Titor a Real-Time Traveller?

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John Titor is the assumed name of an anonymous internet user who posted comments on the website of Time Travel Institute. In these comments, he claimed to have traveled back in time from the 2036 AD. He said that he traveled back to get an IBM 5100 portable computer which was designed with the collaborative efforts of his grandfather and some other people.

Are the claims of John Titor accurate?

It is safe to say that none of the alleged facts and events claimed by John Titor have been proven scientifically. He arrived on the internet scene when the number of internet users in the world was substantially less than it is today. The total number of websites was also not significant. So, many of the allegations might have been busted with substantial ease if more people were aware of the things posted by John Titor.

Traveling to the past

You must understand that traveling back in time is impossible without the help of wormholes. The reality is that the existence of wormholes has not yet been ascertained. It is highly likely that substances such as wormholes have never been present in the universe. 

John Titor stated that he traveled back in time with the help of a device that had stationary mass and temporal displacement unit technology. Such an object has not yet been invented. Also, it can’t be said for sure if this device existed, it can be used to travel back in time. 

Nothing more than a hoax

Yes, the startling claims of John Titor might create some doubts in the mind of many individuals, but in reality, they are entirely devoid of scientific accuracy. It might make for an exciting read to entertain you but believing in these things will not be smart. After all, Titor said that there would be a civil war in the USA in 2004, which did not happen. 

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