How Has The Science Fiction On Smart Homes Turned Into Reality?

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June 15, 2019
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June 15, 2019
Science Fiction On Smart Homes Turned Into Reality

Intelligent Homes – Life Made Easier!

All of us dream about living in a comfortable and highly sophisticated house with smart inventions. There were several science fiction stories and films which talks about smart homes. Now this science fiction has turned into reality! You can now transform your home into a perfect smart home with the use of latest technology devices. Today several companies work on smart home technology, and Delfin is one of the popular dealers of home automation system who offer a customized smart home solution. Intelligent homes have indeed made life easier for people in this busy world. Thus you can control everything in your house with just a swipe of your smartphone. The article talks about some of the science fiction technologies which were a dream in the past and how it has come to true in recent years.

Smart Technologies – A Broader Look!

Smart Home: Controlling Lights With His PhoneSmart Assistants

In the movie Iron Man of the year, 2008 smart assistants were in use, which helped to respond to voice commands and can even control electrical appliances. Today, virtual assistants are usually installed in almost most of the houses. Thus it is possible to switch off your AC when you’re about to enter your home. You can also switch on the lights when you’re out for a vacation. It is true that in the past, these technologies were considered as only fiction and a dream, and that has turned into reality.

Smart Lights

The Smart home technologies that are popular today were predicted in the early days. Several films featured specific science fiction technology. Smart lights were featured in the film Ex Machina where the lights responded to the music played. Thus the color lights were synchronized to music. The same effect can be achieved by the use of Philips Hue, where the light comes into life to the music played.

Smart Appliances

The movie Smart House was featured in the year 1999. The film depicted most of the smart appliances prevalent today. It is possible to send messages to people in your contact without touching your phone. There are several smart kitchen appliances like smart coffee makers which prepares coffee before you enter your house. The lights, fans, AC, etc. are switched on when you’re about to enter your home. It is possible to cook your food by just setting the time in the cooker.

Smart Homes-Safety

Theft, fire accidents are the common safety threat of people living in a house. People would indeed have dreamt of a safety system which would alert them during the time of emergency well ahead. Today safety systems are a part of the home automation systems. The safety locks installed would send an alert message when robbers break it. This would help to ensure the safety of your family. It is also possible for the smart home systems to detect fire accidents early so that it can avoid significant hazards. Thus smart safety system offers peace of mind to the house owner whether they are inside or outside the house.

Energy Saving

You have read about the technology of controlling the temperature of your house from a remote location in some of the science fiction stories. Today these are smart devices which are used in most of the uses. It helps to maintain the temperature of the house based on the outdoor temperature, thereby saving a lot of energy. Thus smart devices help in practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle. Click here to know about Smart Homes.

Smart Gadgets

Today we make use of some modern gadgets which has transformed our homes into smart homes. In the Star Trek series, you have witnessed some touch screen displays, and in the Space Odyssey film, you would have come across Newspads. These devices are very much similar to the tablets and i-pads that we use today. Head up display is a device that was featured in the film Iron Man and Avengers, where a holographic display of real-time activities is projected in front of you. Today Google Glass is one such smart gadget which creates augmented reality and helps people to connect to the different world. You have enjoyed several Hollywood movies where the actors made use of their watch to communicate with others. Today there are lots of brands of smartwatches which offer several advanced functionalities.

The above are some of the home automation systems that have made science fiction technologies to become real.

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