About Books

Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo… A low rent, hi tech literary Usenet newsgroup hiding in a dark bar behind a red door called Charlie in a back alley of on-line culture.

This is a collection of stories and poems from some of the members of the group who wish to share their works with more than just each other. What you hold is the end result of a global collective.

Book Cover

We come from different backgrounds, different cultures and different countries. We have in common a desire to share our works with each other, and other connoisseurs of the written word who like to sit and read the tales we have to tell.

We don’t do this for profit, fame or fortune.

We do this because we want to; because something drives us to; because we feel the need.

We do this because we can.

So here it is, with many thanks to the entire readership and crew of alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo – even the ones who said we would never finish. Especially the ones who said we wouldn’t finish, because we did, if only to prove them wrong.

And here in your hands you have it. A collection of writings from the hard edge, from the dingy city streets to distant planets or right down into the inner workings of the human mind.

Enjoy them and if you’re ever wandering down a dark alley on the ‘net and see a nondescript red door… step inside, and don’t mind the patrons, they’ve probably just forgotten their medication that day. Or maybe they remembered it. With some of them it’s hard to tell…