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One of the most captivating objects present in the universe is the Black Holes. They are heavenly bodies with extremely intense gravy where no object could escape. It is not a moon, planet and even light. 

In recent years, several physicians have found a lot of interesting information about black holes. Certain discoveries remain as the basis for future discovery. Some of the best and intriguing theories and facts about Black Holes are as follows:

Karl Schwarzschild discovered Black Hole in 1916

During the 18th century, a team of scientists discovered objects with rigorous gravitational fields where even light cannot escape. In 1916, Karl Schwarzschild was the first person to characterize black hole with his latest explanation of general relativity. 

David Finkelstein explained his ideal about the black hole- where nothing can escape in 1958. Later, John Wheeler who is the American Theoretical Physicist associated the word- Black Hole to substances with gravitational collapse and predicted about it at the beginning of the 20th century. 

He used the word Black Hole during the presentation he rendered in 1967 at NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies.

Black Hole cannot be openly observed

It is not possible to observe the black hole directly as even light cannot outflow the massive gravitational power of the black hole. But still, it is still possible to view the gravitational power of the black hole when they are nearby gas and celestial bodies. 

Astronomers are researching starts to find out whether they are flying or orbiting around the black hole. When the black hole and star are close, radiation is emitted. It is usually apprehended by space-based satellites and telescopes. 

Kinds of black holes

There are four kinds of black holes – one hypothetical and three real. They are stellar black holes, intermediate black holes, supermassive black holes, and primordial black holes. 

The black hole consists of three layers

They have three layers that are inner event horizon, the outer and the singularity.

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