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November 25, 2016
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Detective novels have always been one of the best reads amongst all age groups. Some of these novels have been an inspiration for many businesses, especially those that have an inkling on emotions and mysteries. For instance, in the jewelry industry, this is a massive hit – you can find the influence in some of the gemstone collections put up by jewelers like I Love Diamonds, Etsy, Crystal Store, OA Gems, etc. Recently, jewellery set with Moonstones and diamonds have caught the attention of all for its exquisite design and elegant setting. As I was browsing through these jewelry sites the other day, I was reminded of a unique detective novel, often said to be the first of its kind-The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.   

What does the Moonstone have to offer?

The Moonstone, according to the reviewers at sites like, is an evergreen classic that comes with an adventurous plot, heroes and villain who are determined to do what they always wanted to do. The Moonstone is all a young reader can want, adventure, mystery and suspense. I laid my hands on it during my summer holidays when I rummaged through some old books. The Moonstone, a priceless jewel makes its way into the British Mansion from the Indian soil to be stolen. The ambiguous and dangerous priest tracks the path of the gem across the oceans to get it back. When a beautiful, rich and bold heroine makes an entry, following her comes to the plot of deaths, romance, policemen, smart butler and disappearances. The story undergoes a range of twists and turns before the reader is delivered a satisfying end.

The story was so touching that most readers usually complete the book by the end of the day. Recently, a few readers were amazed to find copies of the book in a bookstore and reported that it brought back the nostalgia of those bygone eras. Many were tempted to buy it but were sceptical as to whether they would be able to regain the same pleasures from the book, that they once enjoyed when they were kids. There truly is no easy way to answer this question.

Being a creative writer myself and having read thousands of plots since the first time I met the Moonstone, I did not want to be disappointed after reading the book too. What’s more, I already knew the plot and of course the identity of the criminal. And, I purchased the book and thought it would be nice to get a fresh look at the plot and characters.

The feel of the new cover and the freshness of the book was already giving me a renewed sense of pleasure. So here again I am reading The Moonstone, once again. This time around I was able to comprehend the complicated plot the master writer has played with. The Moonstone was applauded by T S Eliot as the “first, the longest, and the best of the modern English detective novel.”

Most mystery novels have a systematic approach, and the crime has to be unearthed through a process of inquiry and with the help of a detective. This gives an unusual power of analysis and the turns up the eyebrows when the culprit is brought to justice. The element of surprise is brought in for the first time by Collins in this novel. The plot undergoes hairpin bends and twists to make it interesting and leaves the reader in suspense. The characters like Rachel were never overwhelmed by the flow of the story and remains fresh in the minds of the reader.

Just halfway through the book now, and I hope I will have a detailed review of this book soon!

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  1. Jessica says:

    The detective story mentioned is really interesting and I ompleted reading the novel within few hours as I was eager to know the ending of the novel

  2. Sheela says:

    The novel is very interseting with unexcpected twistsand turns in the story.

  3. Jitender says:

    All the characters of the novel remain fresh in my mind.

  4. Harjeet says:

    I usually like reading detective novels

  5. Gajendra says:

    The novel has everything to offer for younger generations

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