Two Simple Web Templates For Chefs To Create Their Website

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When you are cooking mouth-watering food all day in the kitchen, you don’t have the time to take up coding classes and create a gorgeous website for your business. So, what do you do? You pick an easy template and then customise it to build a stunning site. Here are two website templates that will do in a pinch:

  1. Khana is a catering website template. It comes equipped with every tool and features you will need for your brand. Just some of the attributes it helps you with are:
  2. Combine several colours
  3. Choose from different fonts
  4. Complete control on the website
  5. Tabs for specialty recipes, promos, etc.
  6. Post blogs or article easily
  7. Because Khana can be customised easily, it helps you stand out from the crowd. The template can be tailored for:
  8. a restaurant
  9. a caterer
  10. a baker
  11. Cefrax is the second template any F&B business can use to expand their customer base to the online world. The model was built with Bootstrap that gives it a very intuitive structure to use meaning a stunning site can be made in a short time period. Cerfax also creates websites that are mobile-friendly and perfect for retina screens and any web-browser. Some simple features it offers are:
  12. Modern schemes
  13. Replace, resize or edit any element
  14. Switch or edit any content
  15. Pre-built colour skins with numerous choices
  16. Sectional backgrounds for powerful impact

Lastly, Cefrax template comes with a support team that can help get your catering or restaurant site up and running in no time!

To scale a food business in any direction, a sophisticated website is a must. Therefore, it is high time you achieve the results through these site templates!

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