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March 15, 2018
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Creativeness of Authors on Science Fiction Books

Science fiction has always fascinated us, be it books or movies, they have never failed to entertain the human beings. At times we would want to want the sci-fi to happen for real. The authors writing science fiction are considered to be one of the creative mind. Some of book genres, the author has to take imagination to another level. There are a few books which are totally out of the world and is a must-read for people who love Science fiction books.

How Science Fiction Movies Changes the Real world of TechnologyClassic Science Fiction Books that Everyone should Read :

Since it is difficult to rank the books as each one out beats the other a list is just provided based on chronology:
Jules Verne: Jules Verne is renowned as the “Father of Science Fiction”. He also well known as HG Wells and Hugo. The second author who has translated versions after Agatha Christie, a French Novelist. A playwright and poet like Jules has the Famous must-read books like Around the world in 80 days and Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea and Journey to the center of the earth.

HG Wells: Science fiction is directly related to HG Wells,as one recalls HG Wells just at the mention of science fiction. He was the best and a very impactful writer.He has given us such super hit sci-fi novels that they were immediately adapted to movies. The two best books which are a must read sci-fi from this author are the

1)The Time Machine and

2)The War of The Worlds.

Hugo Gernsback:
Hugo Gernsback plays an important role in sci-fi and the annual awards are presented are named after “Hugo’s at the world science fiction convention.” He is credited for publishing the first magazine in the genre of science fiction and is best known for publishing amazing stories. His best books recommended for reading are Ralph 124C 41+.

Here some updates and reviews about Ralph 124C 41+ – 

Robert Heinlein:
Robert Heinlein is known the Science Fiction grandmaster. He is a legend in the world of Science fiction novels. He was Science Fiction Books That you must read controversial yet influential. He was honoured by many awards and was the best selling author after Isaac and Arthur.He is credited to have coined a few English words. He had such forethinking that he wrote about cell phones and waterbeds quite early.His best books are the Starship Troopers.

Arthur C Clarke:
Arthur C Clarke is one of the member of “The Big Three” writers of science fiction. He had such an impressive career as a writer. He was not only an author; but was also interested in inventing, exploring undersea, TV Hosting etc. He was one author who was awarded almost all possible awards for his work. His masterwork is the must-read book which is “A Space Odyssey.”

Franc Herbert:
Franc Herbert was definitely a successful authors of science fiction. He was a book reviewer, ecological consultant, teacher, photographer and journalist. He also authored intricate science fiction novels.The best book which is a must read is the Dune series.
And then we have Isaac Asimov’s Galactic Empire series and here is a link that provides a list of best sci-fi reads The entire collection is also available in the Library of Chinmaya IAS coaching center. Grab the book to read.

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