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How NEET Coaching Centers inspire students to learn science with the help of sci-fi movies

Science Fiction novels and movies have always fascinated us. It was considered to be creative concepts with advanced usage of science and technology. Science Fiction always explored unimaginable innovations. But with the recent advancement, the most amazing literary inventions seem possible today. The Science fiction of yesterday appears to predict the inventions of today. The fiction writers and futurists can be credited with the title of “Forecaster or predicter of tomorrow.” A professor in 2011 drafted a paper titled “The Power of Science Fiction: Exploring Sc-fi Relationships to Real -World Innovation” in which he writes about HG Wells, who authored about atomic energy and advent of nuclear bomb which came out real after a few decades. Here is a link, where today universities are inspiring writers to write sci-fi novels https://www2.le.ac.uk/news/blog/2013/june/multiple-worlds-university-provides-inspiration-for-debut-science-fiction-novel and NEET coaching centers inspire students to learn science with the help of sci-fi movies.

Few inventions based on the science fiction.

 Real-Life Medical Tech Inspired by Science Fiction The Star Trek Tricorder:
Fans of “Star Trek” must have been fascinated by the “Tricorder” a small hand-held scanner used by the members of Starship Enterprise. In “Star Trek,” Three tricorders were designed to scan science, medical and security needs. Similar to the tricorder is Mr. Yves Behar’s Design “Scanadu Scout”-It is a small device that can be held between forefinger and thumb It begins registering your physiological information once you place it in your forehead. This is a breakthrough in self-diagnosis. Isn’t the star trek Tricorder a mind-blowing prediction?.

3D Printers for Organs:
Again the inspiration comes from the “Star Trek.” It is the replicator- Dematerialise and remineralizes matter in another form. It was used in Star Trek Universe for everything and anything. Now the inspiration came to a real way in the name of 3D printers. A California based biotech firm came about inventing the 3D -printed liver tissue to allow for medical research. Such 3D tissues can be introduced into the human beings to encourage cell generations shortly.

Embryonic Genetic Modification:
In 2014, a radio published a story on its website about a new medical procedure of creating an embryo by utilizing3D printed structures to mimic human organs the DNA’s of three people, but the story procedure is going to be real. According to the Mitochondrial disease foundation, around 4000 and odd children are born with this disease. This can be well cured with this embryonic Genetic Modification. However, this great invention is an inspiration from the movie “Gattaca” which told the children of the future could be genetically manipulated to guarantee that the children receive only the best traits.

Exosuits and Brain Controlled Limbs:
Science fiction has always been fascinated with enhancing humans with the help of exoskeletons, and today it seems to be happening for real. Robotic devices seem to assist individuals with lower body paralysis from a spinal cord injury. Use of this device would let the individual sit, stand and walk with assistance.

Controlled Limbs:
The inspiration is again from” Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.” Skywalkers fully functional bionic hand resulted in today’s efficient prosthetic limbs in use.

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