Some Interesting Theories And Facts About Time Travel

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The world of time, travel is filled with exciting tib-bits. Here are three of the fascinating ones:

  • The most interesting theory about time travel is that the universe protects itself from paradoxes and paradoxes are the biggest issue with time travel. Ergo, no matter how much we try, the universe will not allow us to create a machine that offers time travel. As per Kip Thorne, a famous physicist, if a time machine is made, it will self-destruct the instant, it is turned on for travel!
  • Stephen Hawking spent years on the chronology protection conjecture, a law he proposed to prove that time travel was impossible. As time went by, the late scientist could not find a single physical law that proved the conjecture. In the end, he changed his belief and stated that though “time travel may be possible, it is not practical.”
  • A fact connected with time travel is many-worlds interpretation. In short, MWI says that at the same time, many universes exist. Each universe is a possible outcome of a possible event or action. The MWI is often used to justify the grandfather paradox which says if you travel back in time and kill your own grandfather shouldn’t you cease to exist? As per MWI, you would cease to exist in one universe but remain alive on the one from which you travelled back!
  • Two Russian mathematicians Irina Aref’eva and Igor Volovich believe that the Large Hadron Collider will make time travel possible. They say that the environment the LHC creates is a possible opening to a wormhole. The hole is a potential doorway that can allow things to visit us from the future. Sadly, a wormhole is too small for humans to pass through so one should expect only tiny messengers!

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