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December 3, 2017
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May 18, 2018


Science fiction is an excellent gift of incredible minds. Many writers who excel at this give readers beautiful books from time to time to remember. The beauty of these books lies in the way they take you places without taking you physically anywhere. Here are some of the most fantastic Book Reviews you should know about. Fantasy books are a great way to entertain yourself and give yourself some excellent food for thought.

The Birman Chronicles

A book that has a twist of fiction with fantastic literature is always incredible. You will love reading this book that talks about the young generation who should be ready to take radical steps to save the humanity. The power of artificial intelligence can be immense. Every human is a superhuman and with such aids as AI around one can do great human development. It is a compelling book that will instil great feelings about humanity in you. It is a treat for both, a sci-fi lover as well as a literature lover.

The Long Sunset

The first few pages are in slow motion. It will slowly make you ponder on its central theme. It talks about an unintelligent life in a different space. It has a historic pilot named Priscilla Hutch in it. Her expeditions form the basis of the story. The spaceship takes her to the place where she finds artefacts from ancient alien life. It will give your imagination a great flight. It is a part of the future medium series. This eights entry in the series takes your excitement form the previous book to another level.

Head On

This book by John Scalzi is a cleverly written tale with a lot of fun features in it. It is the second book in the series of which the first book was Lock In the year 2014. There is a lot of fun mixed with a technology-related thriller. It tries to bring in a near future possibility for the readers.

Seeing Forever

It has the story of a man who is back after fighting the limitations of mortality. The fun part is, he is victorious and plans to bring indefinite changes to immortality. The central theme speaks about how a human being is capable of delivering sea changes in the existing policy just if he thought that he had all the capabilities to do so. Mortality limits a man from many things considering that everything has to end someday.

The Beasts of Electra Drive

Written by Rohan Quine, it is a book that talks about people who have personalities more attractive than the technologies of the world. This is a sci-fi tale that has a game designer in it. The game designer fights against a company that is trying to steal his work for making profits. The game designer is aided by the physical characteristics of his game characters. It is incredible how the author has portrayed such things in just a book. It will make you imagine so many things that there would be no limit to it at a point.

Serpent In The Heather

It is a fantasy novel related to paranormal activities. It seamlessly blends both the worlds where there are a historical mystery and paranormal fantasy part as well. It also features British Intelligence Service agent named Kim who turns a person against a serial killer who also has ties to the Nazis.

Fire Dance

It is released as a sequel to the book names Last Song Before Night published in 2015. The book has its storyline explaining the fact that if magic existed, it would have caused more problems than led to solutions.


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