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September 23, 2017
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You must have read about this great man Bruce McCandless who did the untethered spacewalk and helped fit the Hubble telescope in space. He was born in Boston on June 8th, 1937. He was a part of this fantastic expedition from NASA. There were a total of 19 astronauts who were apart of this space trip. It happened years ago when the technical field was still evolving to what it is today. There have been many Speculation about spacewalking, and you will be  delighted to know about all of them. At that time it was a new concept.

Companies like Boeing and SpaceX have already started operating on such large government contracts. Falcon Heavy from SpaceX will demonstrate the most powerful rocket in the world after Saturn V. It will do so by placing Tesla’s Roadster in the orbit of the Sun. Talks about space tourism also see no end. Many countries have been trying to look forth to such exciting opportunities. NASA has some pretty ambitious plans for exploring things on Mars. Today with the reusable rockets, the possibilities have increased several folds. Soon you could be hearing about somersaults under zero gravity condition.

Expeditions to the moon are necessary for exploring matters in the distant world from Earth. NASA has been the independent entity behind many of the space lifts that have happened over the past decades. Like the Apollo 1 which turned out to be a massive accident, led to many changes and innovations in the field of space travel. Like the Orion, the vehicle has a retro design feel but is updated with the modern state of the art technology. The capsules today are more significant and safer. The team calls mission as Apollo on steroids.

The Orion takes the astronauts back and forth from the space station up there. The design is more reliable than Apollo 1. The Orion capsule is capable of being used at least ten times. There have been some fantastic innovations in this field. The lives of the astronauts are much safer than ever. The technology is only advancing every day. There are other companies also entering into this field. They are also getting contracts from the government. The quality of work has bettered over the years making it possible to think of space tourism.

Bruce McCandless once said that NASA had been consecutively working over Apollo spacecraft to better the opportunity to travel to space. After the success of Apollo 11 specifically the people at ANSA immediately wanted to start Apollo 12 project, but they first took a two months break and then started off. Perhaps this is the reason or the success of NASA projects. People working there are not only intelligent, but they are also taken care of by the government and the organisation. Brice always wanted to travel on one of the Apollo missions. He got plenty of opportunities to support the work of various Apollo missions.

Bruce worked in the testing of Manned Maneuvering Unit on STS 41 B. He was never nervous about his work. He loved it so much and always felt like doing so much that nervousness never came up to stop him from doing anything. He attained the role of a capsule communicator. There are not many astronauts like Bruce McCandless in NASA who get the opportunity to witness something this great. The effort required by the person in looking after something so precious is not less. Bruce drove the MMU and did his work to utmost perfection. Bruce remained satisfied with his work throughout his life.

It was no less of a task to operate the MMU. He said in one of his interviews that he was professionally satisfied with his work and it was nice to fly the machine. Disregarding the popular concept of gravity was fun. It has something to live for and die for. Anybody would like to defy the human principles that only a few can do. Doing something in the field of science is a great achievement for people like those working in NASA. It requires years of hard work, and the result leaves you spellbound. No other work would have satisfied him as much as the spacewalk did.

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