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April 10, 2017
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December 3, 2017


If you are a fiction lover, there is no doubt that time travel is a topic of great interest for you. You must have seen such Speculation in movies, TV series and read in several books. People often believe that time travel is just another story for children. However, many studies show that time travel is not entirely impossible. Everybody time travels, every single second a person goes to the future. This is not the type of time travel you imagine right now; it is slightly different from that. Think of real-time journey and not just the drama you see on TV.

Give the reality a little bit of that dramatic leap. Many scientists have been intrigued by the idea of time travel in the past. It has been a favourite of science screenplay writers and authors. In movies, you must have seen your favourite characters do time travel, but in real life, it works little differently. If you study the theory of relativity given by Einstein, you will see how complicated time travel devices can be. Real-time travel has been stated to be something that happens to the human mind or with the account. This with the intention or within the mind theory was given by writer John Gribbin.

Travelling through time wraps does not need a big machine. One has to believe in the existence of time wraps for this. Many of you must have seen a new place in your dream. Some people have reported having seen another time somehow. The truth of the matter is not the concern now. The fact is what people have felt and have explained it to others. There are a few things every science fiction lover should know about time travel, such as:


It is the name given to time journey to the past life. It is the state when a person somehow travels to his past life. It does not mean that the person goes into the past to meet the famous people. Sometimes they even land at merely insignificant scenarios. They peek in toe experiences unexpectedly, and they do not have any control over it. Once a man reported how he travelled to the past once, where he saw his hometown. He had never visited the town in years. He saw the area had changed completely, and there was this shop which he saw, but on getting down from the car there, he saw nothing again.

The fact about this type of time travel is that it is difficult to prove. The person could be merely lying or making stories. Also, the time travel to the history does not allow the person to change anything that happened then. A person has never been able to carry something from that travel to the present. Some scientists have said that seeing a ghost and time travelling are similar things.


Future time travel is known as precognition. Some people have had this experience where they see a glimpse of what is there in the future. It might be a vision of something that will not happen for years. Once a woman reported how as a child she used to dream of a boy dressed as a sailor, holding a small tomato plant. She would smile at the boy who used to stand on the roof of a building. She never saw anything like that until the show was half her life. Once her husband who she had been married for 15 years, brought home an old photo album.

He bought the photo album from his home to show his wife. Going through the pictures suddenly she saw a childhood picture of her husband. She was shocked to see her husband dressed as a sailor standing on a building roof. It was exactly like what she would dream as a child. He was not holding any tomato plant. His friend standing just beside him held one tomato plant in his hand. On seeing the picture, she felt so shocked, that she used to dream of her future husband as a child.

One thing you must remember is that time travel is a slightly confusing experience rather than a fun one. It can be unpleasant at times also. However, you can always keep scrolling through the facts about it to entertain yourself.

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