Two Possible Modes To Time Travel

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Time travel Wormholes

The concept of travel through time has been alive and kicking for decades. And it is all thanks to science fiction books and movies. What was long ignored as just a figment of the imagination is now considered by physicists as very much possible. The possibility of time travel exists between the juncture of two theories: quantum mechanics and general relativity.  Using the two approaches, scientists have suggested many methods of travels.

In here, we pick just two of the most commonly accepted ways and explain the possibility of travel through them:

  • Einstein suggested wormholes. These are bridges that link time and space and allow an object to travel from point A to point B. How do they help in time travel? Wormholes allow gaining speed faster than light. Since the object is not traveling in the space-time continuum but rather through a shortcut, it doesn’t violate the universal speed limit. The speed limit law says that any object moving at a speed faster than light will break. Effectively, wormholes ensure that at no point the object gains a speed higher than light and yet provides a shortcut to travel through time.
  • Cosmic strings are said to have evolved right after the Big Bang, millions of decades back.  They are cracks in the universe with just one dimension. They are either formed in loops that have no end or infinite. Cosmic strings are said to have a massive amount of mass that allows them to warp space and time around them. This warping can help with time travel.

While no one has been able to prove undeniably that time travel is possible, the opposite has also not been demonstrated. It is the reason why humans believe that there will come a time when we will be able to manipulate the 4th dimension somehow!

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