Unknown Truths About Black Holes

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Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in the United States. On this day, many crazy shoppers check all the bargains and visit all the shops. NASA has given another meaning to this day: Black Hole Friday. Every year, on the day of the Black Friday NASA features stunning details and illustrations about one of the cosmically cool planetary findings in the recognized universe.  By following the Black Hole Friday, several facts regarding the black hole would surely make you come out from the holiday madness. 

Black holes have chances to associate to other universes

They are basically celestial substances with gravity. It is so vast which no substance can escape. It has been said that if any substance falls into the black hole, there is no chance to return. One of the popular astrophysicists – Stephen Hawking has announced in 2016 that it is not bad to fall into the black hole. He has mentioned in the research paper that black hole is a tunnel between two universes. 

There may be thousands of them in Milky Way

In 1974, a group of scientists explored a large, highly energetic erection at the middle of the Milky Way, which was releasing radio waves. The scientists gave the name Sagittarius A*. It was pronounced as Sagittarius A- Star. It was actually a black hole. For several years, people believed that there is only one black hole- Sagittarius A*- at the middle of our galaxy. 

However, in May 2018, a group of scientists after analyzing information from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory of NASA – it is a satellite developed to find x-ray emissions from black holes, clusters of galaxies and exploded stars- the scientists announced that the black holes are found in thousands at the middle of Milky Way. However, more research is required to confirm this news. But one thing that has been cleared is Sagittarius A* is not the only one Black Hole.

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